Festive inspiration

The festive season is upon us and it provides the perfect opportunity to engage further with your local community and customers. There will be shoppers searching for items of furnishings to cater for guests over the Christmas period, whether that’s a new dining set, sofa bed or even a sofa itself, there is one final opportunity to secure some sales before the …

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Are you promoting Black Friday?

Next month has date in the diary where savvy shoppers are looking for the best deals across multiple categories, including home furnishings. I’m sure you are well aware of Black Friday, which takes place on 24 November 2023, and its sister sales day being Cyber Monday, set for 27 November 2023. As the title of this month’s blog questions, are you promoting …

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Is there a right promotion?

A retail promotion in your store or across your business can be in a number of forms, offering a number of different options for customers to be enticed and, of course, part with cash. However, what type of promotions work well within the furnishings industry? Are you even running any promotions? Or if you already do this, how effective are they and …

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Are you tracking your campaigns? 

When it comes to digital marketing, being able to track a campaign can provide critical data, as well as capture customers. There are two main things to consider when tracking. Firstly, are you doing it? And secondly, are you doing it right? So, for external campaigns, things like a newsletter, social channel or any other source where web traffic can find your …

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